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I Have a Wheel… June 6, 2011

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In my family, it’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “I have a wheel up my butt.”  Or for someone to ask you if you, specifically, have a wheel up your butt.  I’ve been known to tell people I have a go-bug.  None of this makes much sense unless you know that if you give me the chance to go somewhere I’ll be in the car before you finish asking.  I get it honest.  My father has a go-bug when it suits him, even as much as he likes to stay home.  Offer him a ride to the mountains and he’ll have his shoes on in a flash. My mother is slightly more afflicted….she has a wheel up her butt.  Much of my childhood was spent “going for a ride” and in college we referred to it as “wasting gas”.  I just simply like to go.

Don’t get me wrong — I am a homebody, mostly.  I love to be home through the week, and I cherish time on the couch.  Once I’m in for the night, I”m in for good; there’s no leaving once I’m settled.  And I can spend entire weekends without leaving the house for anything more ambitious than groceries.  But if there’s a trip afoot?  I can be packed in under 5 minutes.

This weekend was a fabulous example of this.  You see, one of my sweet YaYas had a baby six months ago.  The Fabulous Miss Em, sweet little EB was finally here.  Apparently my little threesome of BFFs takes nearly 15 years between children, since the last one we had to spoil was The Godson and he’s in high school (okay, so like four more days of eighth grade…whatever).  I planned to head off to see EB in January, when their life had calmed down and all the family had gone home.  January was kind of crazy, so February was going to be better. Then we hit The Great Unemployment of 2011, a broken-down car (or two) and $3.50/gallon gas.  Suddenly, even 133 miles seemed like a huge trip.

Enter Mama and the Wheel.  She was making plans to head to Northern Virginia, and offered me the chance to go.  The only thing that kept me from getting in the car immediately was the fact that it was March and the trip was planned for June.  So this weekend I piled in the car with Mama and two of her friends and we set off for NOVA.  We met up with another of their friends, my second mom, Coe.  A four mile, 10 minute trip across town turned into an hour and 15 minute detour-ridden hilarious slog through crazy traffic and then I was within snuggling distance of EB. Oh, and her mama, of course.  EB has been declared the sweetest, most beautiful, funniest, most amazing baby ever to draw breath, and I am officially in love. Getting to know her was awesome, and I’ve already done the math:

133 miles to NOVA divided by 28 miles per gallon = 4.75 gallons of gas

4.75 gallons of gas times the current price of $3.50/gallon = under $20 for an EB Fix.

After introducing EB to Mama, getting changed, and saying goodbye (sniff) to YaYaPrincess and the babeh we all set off for the Birchmere, America’s Premier Music Hall.  We were there to hear The Seldom Scene, which is one of my favorite bands of any genre.  If you’re not familiar with The Seldom Scene, you are missing out — get some Scene on your iPod now, whether you like bluegrass or not.  They are so much more, trust me.  But what thrilled the socks off me was the opening band, Red Molly.  They’re officially one of the best bands I’ve ever seen, and I will be seeing them again guaranteed.    They made me want to sing along (which, granted, isn’t hard) and I couldn’t find a thing to critique or complain about (which is unheard of, to be honest). Do yourself a huge favor and click that link, push play on the “radio”, and be blown away.

Better yet, join me on January 20 to hear them at The Barns at Wolftrap. Get in the car, y’all.


2 Responses to “I Have a Wheel…”

  1. Allison Dossett Says:

    Yay we loved having you here…too bad it was just a few hours. Em loves her Lala!!

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