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A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…-Proverbs 17:22

July 18, 2011

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The past seven days have been a blur!  We agreed to help a friend with her garden while she was on vacation, and it turned into a nightly job.  We picked over 100 cucumbers, about 10 peppers, and a mess of beans.  We played with the goat, loved on kittens, and encountered weeds I couldn’t identify as friend or foe.  Over 100 cucumbers, people!  Did I mention I don’t like cucumbers?! So, I’m trying to learn to eat them (not easy), pawning them off on family and friends (and a Munchkin who loves them with a passion), making cucumber spread and tzatziki sauce that I’m going to attempt to freeze, and making pickles.  Tons and tons of pickles.  At the time of this writing there are 8 quarts and 2 half-pints in my fridge (and two more quarts at Mama’s house for her and Little Br0), enough spears to fill about 12 pints and enough slices to fill about 6 more quarts.  Plus I sent about 10 pounds home with Mama for her to make her 7-day pickles.  AND I’ve put a big box by the backdoor for everyone to help themselves.  I’m going to attempt to dry some, too, as chips.

The pickle recipe I’m using seems very flexible.  The first time I did it as written, and it’s a little sweet for my taste.  The second batch I reduced the sugar considerably( by more than half) and they kick you in the face.  So I’m probably going to add a smidge more sugar than that (like half the original amount) and add more dill than I did before because I was running out.  I highly recommend this site for more than pickles, too.  I’ve used several of her recipes and she’s never steered me wrong.

In addition to garden-tending last week, a friend gave me an awesome opportunity to care for her brand-new foster daughter for the week.  I usually get kids around 12 weeks of age when their mamas go back to work, or considerably older if they transfer in from someplace else.  But this little sweetie was only 5 weeks old, so she fed my need for newborn loving pretty nicely.  She was a joy and really reaffirmed my growing desire to start foster care.  It was so great to be included in this phase of their lives as they care for her and adjust to the possibility of her being their new daughter.   I know they’d appreciate your prayers, as well.

While you’re praying, keep Madhat’s grandma in your prayers. She’s having some blood pressure issues, and needs some answers.  Likewise, Little Bro and Sweet Lizzy are in Cambodia living it up visiting family, so please remember them as well.  Please pray for our family on the one year anniversary of the death of Brian’s cousin and her daughters.  Brian’s aunt Betty will need God even nearer this week.

I’m off to make some vegetable soup for dinner (and the freezer!), and to…make pickles.  Imagine that.


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  1. A. Says:

    I was so surprised to read that a year has already passed since learning of the loss of Brian’s cousin and her daughters. Even not knowing them personally, the memory/feelings of shock and pain still registers freshly, and my heart goes out to the family who loved them dearly. They’re all in my prayers.

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