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Goodbye, Summer! August 29, 2011

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Do you feel that?  That slight chill in the air outside, the breeze from my open windows?  Did you notice how the humidity is starting to decrease just a little and it’s getting dark just a little earlier?  There’s no denying it: Fall is almost here.  I love Fall, more than any other season.  There’s literally not one thing I dislike about it, even though I have to slog through summer to get there and it eventually gives way to winter all too soon.  Fall is when I’m in my element – it’s cooler and less humid so I”m less frizzy, the clothes are better, comfort food is my forte, and suddenly crocheting blankets makes sense.  Fall is all my favorite things all at once, wrapped up in a sweater, munching on an apple.

This summer has been crazy-nuts busy, so I know I’ve been a big slacker about posting. Honestly, how many posts did you want that say “I’m so busy, I’ve been crafting a bunch, we’ve been running around like chickens sans heads, I hate saying goodbye to my Munchkins, and there’s so much going on that I forgot my camera!”? So here’s a recap of the stuff I probably should have been blogging as it happened….

In June two cousins, Mama, my aunt, and I put together some tissue flowers…..

some real flowers….

and some food….

to shower my cousin, Wednesday, before her wedding.  And yes, I did have to crop a Christmas tree out of that picture of the food.

I learned how to make something new, and it created a new addiction.  I give you….

hair clips!

Be sure to check out my shop or the Facebook page for clips, holders,and holiday sets!

I also made entirely too many goodbye gifts for kiddos, but hopefully I’m done with that for a while.

We got all dolled up and celebrated this sweet couple as Wednesday married her sweet new husband.  

The ceremony was supposed to be outside, but the rain poured down most of the day so the reception venue pulled double-duty.  I’ve never seen a prettier barn, and the wedding was perfectly lovely.

In a stunning display of (my lack of) coordination, I dropped a hair bow in progress on my finger…with the hot glue dollop down and glued it to my little finger.  This is proof of why I should never be allowed to handle hot things or glue in general!  It’s fine, and I’m seeking help for my glue dysfunction…..


We moved into this house four years ago, and until last week we only had curtains in one room.  The front room is at street level, and there are three very large, almost floor to ceiling windows in a row.  They form what is practically a wall of windows, and without some drapes would allow the whole world to see clear to our back deck.  Barring some sheers on those windows, the rest of our windows have been nekkid, showing off their cloth blinds.

Thanks to VA, some minor figuring of inches-from-the-floor and two drills, we now have curtains in our room, one spare room, and a rod with sheers hung in the family room.  I have material to make true  curtains for them in the near future but for now having the old vertical blinds down and the rod in place is a start.  Excuse the horrible cell photo – I was just glad to have the project done and wanted to show Mama.  I’ll have more photos when the project is finished!

Now, on to Fall!  I have lots of sewing and crocheting to do in the next few months, a family reunion to organize,  two new cousins on the way, foster care classes to start, and a new niece or nephew to welcome.  And that’s just the stuff I know about!  Happy Monday, friends!


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