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A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…-Proverbs 17:22

It’s a mixed bag September 26, 2011

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This was a weird weekend.  It started off that way.  Ordinarily I head out on Friday evenings after work with Mama.  We hit the banks to make our deposits and then she drops me off at Brian’s Store Of Gadget Envy to pick up my car.  I head off to two grocery stores and then pick him up.  This week, in light of our plans for the weekend, I planned to come home instead and clean the downstairs until Brian came home and we could get groceries on Saturday.  Well….that didn’t happen.  Before we knew it, it was 10 PM and I was fixing spaghetti for a late dinner.  The good thing?  A laid back evening.  The rub?  I accomplished absolutely nothing and my office is still a mess and oh my heck, the downstairs bathroom is toxic.

We were supposed to have an impromptu yardsale Saturday before taking our collection of Things We Don’t Want But Want Money For back to storage. But the rain didn’t cooperate, so we slept in.  Disappointment that we didn’t sell our stuff, but who can beat sleep?  Brian spent the entire day watching football and I went with Mama to gather hot dogs, buns, condiments, chips and the like for Sunday.  Then back home to dress super quick and we headed to Staunton to see Red Molly at the awesome Mockingbird.  I can’t recommend either the band (my personal favorite) or the venue highly enough.  But the bad part?  I didn’t realize that The. Biggest. Game. Of. The. Year and possibly EVER had been rescheduled to 8:30 Saturday night.  I am married to such an awesome man that he was willing to go to the Red Molly show with me instead of staying home, screaming at the TV while WVU played LSU.  Granted, he had a play by play on his phone the whole time.  The good thing was we got home in time to catch the fourth quarter.  The bad thing is that WVU choked hardcore and lost to LSU.  Here’s hoping the SEC will love them anyway.

Sunday was our annual daycare picnic.  It was awesome to see all my kiddos who have moved on in the past year, though I missed a few that couldn’t join us. The weather cooperated with the rain stopping about a half hour before everyone arrived.  We had a ball watching the kids jump in puddles and resume friendships quick as a wink.  Everyone had a great time and Mama and I were certainly reminded of exactly why we do this (hint:  they’re small, sturdy, and hilarious, and expand our families many times over).  The rough part?  I managed to get the cord to my crockpot caught in a picnic table as I was carrying it away and it got yanked out of my hands to land on the concrete.  It shattered, I cried, Brian cleaned it up.  Guess what’s going on my Christmas list?

This morning I woke up to a light day of Munchkin Fun….to find my dishwasher flooded my kitchen overnight.  Chai and snuggles from Little P helped.   It’s a mixed bag, this whole Life thing, isn’t it?

Happy Monday, peeps.


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