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Thank God….It’s Friday! October 21, 2011

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**UPDATE:  Please see the “Requests” section of this post for an urgent prayer request**

Oh, look!  It’s a blog!  That’s I’ve been sorely neglecting! I promise there are really good reasons.

You see, I’m working on a ton of projects right now.  And I can’t post about any of them because they’re for other people.  People who read my blog.  So everything I’m doing is literally conversationally off-limits until it’s all done, which limits what I have for post fodder.  And I haven’t been doing anything cool enough to post about because, you guessed it…I’m crafting my fingers off.  So bear with me, I promise I’ll be back.

Meanwhile, we could use some prayer and I’m sure you could, too! Without further adieu (or rhymes) (I hope)….

Thank God….It’s Friday!


We may have an answer to some of the medical stuff that’s been plaguing Brian for about four years.  It’s not mine to talk about so I won’t post his business here, but it’s no big deal and surprisingly easily remedied.  More importantly, it may be an answer to a collection of symptoms that have made daily life very, very hard for him to cope with. Prayers for concrete improvement are greatly appreciated!

A friend had her twins yesterday.  Yay for babies! And amazing kudos to her for keeping two babies in there for 37 weeks, despite a bunch of trips to the hospital and bed rest and whatnot.  (And if you’re reading this, why aren’t you napping, you mother of new twins?!  Get to bed!)

I may have filled my three open daycare spots.  Paying the mortgage is fun, ya’ll, and we’re trusting God to provide these days.  I need this to work out, so we’re praying hard.


***My mother’s cousin is in the hospital following a triple bypass surgery this past weekend.  One of the blockages she had bypassed was a 90% blockage of her aorta.  She was intubated for several days following her surgery, and has not recovered well.  She is currently extubated (as far as I know at this point) but is suffering from some kidney issues.  Her kidneys are not functioning well enough and she was taken to dialysis today.  A CT scan also revealed a blockage in her intestines but the doctors say she is too weak for surgery to remove it, as her blood pressure is very low.  Please keep her in your prayers, as well as her daughter, husband, grandchildren and extended family.  ***

The YaYa Princess, Em, and The Boy are travelling this weekend.  Travel mercies, please.

We’re headed to see Brian’s parents, sisters, and our friends next weekend.  It’s baby shower time!  Did I mention I’m getting a niece?!  Keep her and her mama and daddy in your prayers, too, please.

Several of my friends (who read this blog, coincidentally) are pregnant and nearing their due dates.

Several friends and family members have family members with cancer.

Two friends need jobs.  Like yesterday.

Everybody seems to have the creeping crud.  Everyone needs to get well, especially if they insist on sharing their crud with me.

Now…I’m off to sew.  Happy weekend!


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