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National Adoption Day November 19, 2011

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Today is National Adoption Day.  Today, thousands of families celebrate the growing of their families through adoption, and thousands more have their foster adoptions finalized in court.

I’d ask you today to remember any families you know who may have been added to by adoption, and to remember the families walking through foster care with their children.  Please remember the brave birth parents who placed their children in another’s hands for safekeeping, and pray for the parents who had to give up their children t0 foster care for whatever reason.  With every happiness there is a measure of grief, and with every forever family there is one lost.  Please be in prayer for children in dire situations, for parents who cannot parent safely, and for people receiving calls for foster care right now.

Please be in prayer for our children, wherever they are and whatever they’re going through.  Whether they’re our children forever or only while they need shelter from a bad situation, we entrust them to God and can’t wait to meet them.

If you’re an adoptive parent, thank you.  If you’re a birth parent, thank you.  If you’re a foster parent, thank you.  If you’re an adopted child, thank you for being a blessing in someone’s life.

This year, National Adoption Day has a little more meaning for me.  This past Wednesday, as part of my plan to be proactive and purge the denial and apathy from my house, I made the first contact to request information about becoming foster parents.  I’ve been putting it off, but we’ve been feeling this hole.  A gaping hole where our children would be.  I can only assume that’s God nudging me to action because someone’s going to need a forever family and we’re it.




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