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Thank God…It’s Friday December 2, 2011

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Thank God…It’s Friday, indeed.  It’s been a good week, but a busy one, and I’m ready for a weekend.  Today’s post is brought to you by the letters B, A, and Y and the numbers 12 and 25.  Points if you can figure that out.

Pray along with me on the home edition….


My friend, Arinne, welcomed her new son yesterday following what sounds like a marathon labor.  The little cutie is their second son, and looks to be just as adorable as his brother!  Mazel tov, Bravermans!

Not to be outdone, my friend April added an adorable boy to her houseful of girls yesterday as well.  He’s absolutely precious, and I can’t wait to see more pictures!  Yay for babies all around!

A friend had a good court date relating to her foster daughter this week.  Please pray that this continues to go according to God’s plan, the parents’ wishes, and what’s best for the baby.

I found an amazing deal last week.  A friend was selling a whole set of the cloth diapers we’re planning to use, super cheaply.  She had 33 diapers and 10 inserts of bamboo, which is a much better fabric than I was planning on (I was planning on plain old cotton).  This is about 10 more diapers than I thought we could afford, and they’re pristine. This is $507 worth of diapers, y’all.  She sold them for $200!  This means that we can diaper all of our future foster children or permanent children for less than half of what we had planned!  This is an amazing blessing to us and will make things so much easier financially as we prepare for children.  We’ll need to buy covers and we’ll still use the occasional disposable, of course, but this is the bulk of diapering paid for.  Yay!


Keep MadHat in your prayers.  Her grandpa passed last week, and I know this is especially hard at the holidays.  He was a sweet man and an excellent grandfather.

My Mama is sick.  She has the nasty hacking crud and pinkeye.  Also pray she doesn’t share.

I need each day to increase by about 5 hours and each week to increase by about 2 days in order to get ready for Christmas.  Prayers for organization and motivation are definitely needed.


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