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Snippets of Christmas January 2, 2012

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This is a lot later than I wanted it to be.  Ideally, one’s Christmas post should be up circa-Christmas, you know?  But I’ve been busy so it’s more of a recap.

We’ve been trying for the past few years to cut back at Christmas and focus more on the reason we celebrate than the commercialism of modern, secular Christmas.  We celebrate the Advent of Christ and time spent with family instead of a fat guy in a red suit, basically.  But there are some things that I love about Christmas that are completely decorative, too.  I love the feel of Christmas almost as much as I enjoy the preparation and symbolism.

Ordinarily I prefer white lights on our Christmas tree, and ornaments that are more elegant than truly mainstream Christmas-y.  But this year we needed to unlight our prelit tree and I decided to use the newly naked tree as an excuse to use multi-colored lights for the year.  In addition, I have a collection of Hallmark ornaments my uncle and parents gave me over the first 30 years of my life or so, and all the ornaments we’ve collected since we’ve been married.  We haven’t used them in about five years, so we decided to put them up this year.  I enjoyed the combination a lot more than I expected to, so I wanted to share them with you.

Carousel from 1978, when I was 1.


Birdhouse from 1979, when I was 2 years old.



My brother and I both have several of these horses. This one is probably the first ornament I remember opening. I would have been 4 that Christmas.


Carousel ornament from 1983, the year my brother was born.


This bird was on our tree every year growing up. For some reason I associate it with my grandmother, but I don't know why. Even though it's showing its age, it's one of my favorites.


I received this ornament in honor of my time selling kitchen supplies.


As our lives have changed, we've added ornaments to reflect that. Here's one of Brian's ornaments.


This is actually how gift wrapping goes around our house most years.


This is one of the ornaments from our first Christmas together.

Courtesy of Nurse Baileys, even our tree sports Mountaineer pride. This little guy flashes blue and gold in his face, but 8,746 pictures failed to capture him while blue.

These two snowflake ornaments are two of my favorites this year.


This year, Merle took out his Christmas frustrations on the sheep and shepherd of our Nativity. They survived...


I hope your Christmas, Chanukah, or other December holiday was great, and that you spent some time in quiet reflection and some time with noisy family.  Tomorrow I’ll give you a look at how I spent my Christmas break!


4 Responses to “Snippets of Christmas”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    I have really enjoyed your blogs. Have a great New Year and may all your dreams come true.

  2. Thanks! I hope your New Year is awesome as well, and that it’s full of amazing times!

  3. A-Dawg Says:

    What a fabulous tradition…when you’re looking at a fully-decorated tree, you’re also looking at all those lifelong memories and associations with family and Christmases past. I love it!

    • Isn’t it neat? My uncle started buying us ornaments before I was born, and it went for years. I think we’ll probably do the same for our children. As kids we always enjoyed looking at all the ornaments as we decorated — I loved it even more this year!

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