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Friday The 13th: A Mixed Bag April 13, 2012

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There is nothing like waking up at 6:15 with a blinding headache.  Except waking up at 6:15 with a blinding headache not because you need to go to work, but because yourhusband has a 7 AM store meeting.  I managed to squeeze another hour of semi-sleep out of the day and stumbled blearily downstairs for a couple Excedrin before the Munchkin Coalition showed up for the day.

Fast forward to 8:30, and it was time to give Belle her insulin.  This is ordinarily Brian’s job in the morning before work, but at the new store the weekly meeting is super-early on Fridays so now I handle it once a week.  The MC and I got into the swing of this while Brian was off at training, so we have it down to a science.  I can get upstairs, do the shot and drop off food for all three and get back down in under 5 minutes.  My eldest Munchkin, A, is 4 going on 14 so she is capable of making sure no one else runs amok while I’m upstairs.  Except for today….  She apparently thought that she needed to stay right with the baby and not go anywhere….even if she had to potty.  So as I come back to the kitchen I hear “Andrea, I have to go peeeeee!” in that desperate voice.  I said “GO!” and before I even go the word out I heard a panicky “Andrea, I peed in my pants!”  I busted downstairs to find one girl-sized fountain in my bathroom.  Ugh.  Thank heavens for extra clothes.  She changed, I cleaned, and we snuggled a little bit to take away the utter embarrassment of peeing oneself and someone’s floor.

Not 15 minutes later, my little guy who is potty training decided to finger paint in my bathroom while going potty.  Oh…….word.  I may never recover.  Granted, his brother did the very same thing at this age, and everyone does it at least once.  But holy moly, I don’t want to do that again for a while.

The rest of the day proceeded in the same fashion, filled with kids who decided to lose their ever-loving minds every 10 minutes, and a To Do List that grew in leaps and bounds.  Thank goodness a few things actually got accomplished around the house during nap, because………..


We both finished up our physicals and TB tests this week, and all of our forms are signed and ready to go.  Our social worker comes to meet with me next week and Brian the week after.  I’m super nervous and want everything to be in perfect order, but also realize that at any given time there are two adults, five children, and three fuzzy cats running around my house.  The carpet and walls might not be perfect, but it’s mostly clean and everyone’s getting snuggled.  Please send up a prayer or two if you would over the next few weeks — we don’t know how long it will take to get licensed, but we’re so looking forward to being ready to help some little folks who need a place!

Happy weekend, blog friends — may your 14th be better than my 13th!


One Response to “Friday The 13th: A Mixed Bag”

  1. Arinne Says:

    You’re getting so close–sooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!

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