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Sometimes Vagueness is Necessary May 11, 2012

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So you may have noticed I haven’t blogged in ages.  Strangely, I haven’t done much of anything in ages that wasn’t strictly necessary.  Except clean the bathrooms, which is strictly necessary and may get done tonight.  Probably not.  The past few weeks have been proof that it is possible to have a Major Life Change and not announce it to the world via Facebook, no matter how much we want to.  I hesitate to even post it here.  So forgive the vagueness, but most of you already know the situation and will respect that, I know.

If I could, I would stand on a mountaintop and yell it to the world, or at the very least shout it from my front porch.  Three weeks ago (tomorrow) we met the sweet boy who will be our son!  By which I mean he already is our son in all but name and legality because he fits perfectly into the little boy-shaped hole in our family and we can’t imagine life without him.  He’s been here full time since Tuesday, and we are over the moon.  I’m exhausted and we’re both completely baffled on how this whole “parenting after 5:30” thing works, but we’re treading water and making progress.  Maybe by next week playing, dinner, bath, snuggles, books, prayers, and tuck in will happen in conjunction with cleaning the bathroom and folding the laundry all before 9 PM, but I’m not banking on it.  Because given the choice between mopping this floor and falling heart first into adorable hazel eyes?  The eyes have it.

For the record, you won’t see our son’s name here or any picture for a long time.  As far as I’m concerned, I put our names online for two reasons:  honesty, and to build a positive online presence for both my husband and myself in the event of job interviews, etc.  Sure, anyone with a brain can google us and find out the names of our family members or maybe stalk me via Facebook (though not Brian with his airtight vault of a persona), but I’m hoping for a bit of anonymity for our children, siblings, and nieces/nephews.  As for pictures, we’ll decide that after our little guy is legally ours, and you can bet they’ll be vetted and vague.  If we post any at all.  So, I’ll be referring to our new heart-stealer as B3.  There are many reasons, and we can all thank The Bum for the nickname.

Now…I need to go figure out how to convince a 3 year old to eat something other than hot dogs!


7 Responses to “Sometimes Vagueness is Necessary”

  1. Allie Says:

    Love Love Love! I was walking Em the other evening and thought “B3po” (a la C3PO from star wars :)) You are amazing and I love you and your family. At the service last weekend my cousin (who is adopted, don’t know if you know that) was giving his eulogy. He said his mom oftens asks if he wants to find his bio parents. His answer is and always has been since we were little “why would I when I have you and dad”. And I thought of you. Queu tears 🙂

  2. I was totally thinking B3po, too 🙂 Glad I’m not the only uber-geek! I got your card today – talk about tears. Well timed and definitely needed exactly when it showed up!
    Your cousin makes me cry.
    Please bring my future daughter in law and come visit, before I drag this poor boy up I-66.

  3. Carolyn Says:

    Have been wondering if you had been full time now. I am just sooooo happy for you two. I’m sure that everyone understands about Facebook. I’m sure that your mother will have pictures with her the next time we see each other at church. She better! Enjoy your ‘new’ life. The Bailey family are in my thoughts and prayers. ENJOY!!!

  4. Arinne Says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! So happy for you and Brian! So happy for B3! So happy for ME! (Now that you have a 3 year old boy, I figure I’ll get the scoop from YOU on raising our 2 year old boy.) 😀 Thanks Andrea!

  5. Thanks, guys! Update coming 😉

  6. Sarah Says:

    I am so behind on reading your blog but SO excited to see about B3 when i get on today!!!! Very happy for you!!!!

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