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Where Does He Get This Stuff?! September 28, 2012

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Last weekend, Brian and I finally took the kiddo out to buy a new bed.  Since B3 came to us so suddenly, we were still set up for “birth to three foster care”.  Everything was slightly baby-oriented and convertible for older children.  My brother and sister-in-law bought us a crib, and our awesome friends the Bravermans bought us a mattress.  Set up in the toddler bed mode it has been perfect for B3 since he came in April.  Lately, though, we’ve noticed a lot of tossing and turning, and our very active almost-4-year-0ld was using the remaining bars on the bed as a jungle gym.  Finally we realized he’s just gotten too big for his britches…um, I mean bed.

So off we went to buy a full size bed, and I headed to Target to have entirely too much fun buying snazzy new bedding for my little guy.  It was an all day operation, and by bedtime we were all exhausted with shopping, hauling, laundering, bed-dressing and the tiring effect of “change” on B3.  He doesn’t enjoy it, that’s for sure.  As we finished up our bedtime routine and B3 and I were laying on his new bed waiting for Brian to come read books, the following conversation made me laugh my head off:

B3: You want some covers, Mommy?

Me:  Sure.  Thanks.

B3:  Can I put my head under?

Me:  Sure.  It’s your bed.

B3: You want covers over your head?

Me:  No, thank you.  I don’t like covers over my head.  I can’t stand it.

B3:  (nodding sagely) You know what I can’t stand?

Me: (afraid of where this was headed) What?….

B3:  Lions.
He never missed a beat, and was dead serious.  I literally laughed til I cried.  I love this kid.


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