Baileys Adventures

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…-Proverbs 17:22

About April 19, 2010

Hello, My Name Is….

Andrea.  That’s the short answer.  There are so many labels I could apply to myself, so many names I have answered to, so many ways to classify who I am.  I am a 36-year-old work-at-home-wife to a most amazing man.  We’re currently living in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, but we’ve lived in a variety of places before we were together, including Ohio and many parts of West Virginia and Virginia.  I graduated from Shenandoah University with a degree in music therapy, and was in private practice for six years.  I currently provide in-home daycare for 5-6 children under the age of four, and piano and voice lessons in the evenings.  Brian is an agriculture education graduate from West Virginia University working in mobile retail .  That’s two expensive degrees getting no use, in case you’re keeping track….

This blog started as a place to write about our life where no one could see it. I didn’t share the address with friends for a long time, and kept it very private. It was a place to vent when I was annoyed without fear of the repercussions or hurt feelings.  When we started our journey through infertility, I started making my posts more public and let more people know the address.  I’d like to think that there is a handful of people who follow my blog and actually read about what we’re doing.

While this was primarily an “infertility blog” for the three years we were trying to conceive, I hope that as we move forward you’ll see  it’s not the only thing going on in Baileys Land.  We have a huge (no, I’m serious) extended family that we like to spend time with, we enjoy the occasional Mountaineer football game, and we try to be active in our church.  I read, sew, embroider, crochet, and generally craft a lot,  and Brian is the all-things-electronic-and-gaming guru.  We try to live as green and natural a lifestyle as possible, so you’ll find posts about that, too.  In addition to healing from our experience with infertility and our new adventures pursuing adoption through foster care, expect to read about our faith, our family, some Baileys Adventures, and eventually our children when they finally get here.

Meanwhile, welcome or welcome back!

What you might be wondering…


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