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Slowly But Surely November 22, 2013

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(taps mic)

“Is this thing still on?”

This is how I feel about my blog.  I’ve written countless posts over the past five months…in my mind.  None of them came to fruition, and it’s time to bite the bullet and talk about why.  I used this blog throughout the beginning of our marriage and our experiences with infertility because it gave me a chance for catharsis and processing, and in order to provide people also experiencing infertility to read about it from a personal point of view.  I promised myself I’d be truthful, and I hope I succeeded in that.  There was good and bad, tears and endings.  I thought I would do the same through foster care and/or adoption.

I was so wrong.  See, the problem is that admitting that not only is adoption hard but also being a mom isn’t always fun means admitting that I’m not very good at what I wanted more than anything.  Admitting to being depressed after your adoption feels like the whole world is going to judge you and find you lacking.  Admitting that falling in infatuation with your son was the easy part, but being almost unable to feel loving toward a child as he’s in the midst of crisis and trying to be unloving is a hard thing to admit.  The truth is ugly and hard, and it’s impossible to come off looking like a good mother most of the time.  So I chose to keep quiet, denying myself my favorite outlet and distancing myself from all my friends in order to maintain a halfhearted charade.  I Fakebooked and occasionally outright lied.  Chances are if you asked me how we were in the past year and a half and I said “great!”, I was lying through my teeth.  I’m sorry.  If you know me personally, you know I abhor lying.  But the truth was far too hard. 

The truth is our son came to us with issues we never saw until he got comfortable, and in the process of unpacking his baggage he uncovered all of ours.  The truth is that many days I hated myself, hated being a mom, and hated most of the people around me, even as I loved them.  The truth is that the past 18 months were harder than anything I ever imagined and I walked through the blackest period of my life I’ve ever experienced.  The truth is I failed over and over and over, I distanced myself from my son daily, and I just wanted to crawl in a hole and hide. 

Somehow through all of this B3 begin to trust us, to love us, and to outgrow so many of his frustrating behaviors.  He started having more good days than bad, and started showing us the resilient, sweet boy we were hoping was in there.  His forgiving, loving nature began to smooth my edges.  His need for a different manner of parenting showed me a different manner of parenting.  I learned from him, we grew together, and we’ve emerged on the other side hand in hand, firmly attached and completely in love.  We have rough days sometimes but now they’re handled with patience and peace more often than not, and we don’t get derailed.  Somehow we’ve ended up exactly where we need to be, and I’ve never been happier.  I have a lot to write about now, after the fact.  It’s time to get truthful. 


Where God Comes In June 11, 2013

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In February Brian and I took B3 to church for the first time in…well, let’s just call it 3 months or so.  It’s really hard to keep a 4 year old happy and occupied during an hour and a half of church!  He doesn’t know the songs yet, so he doesn’t sing along and he can’t figure out why I make him wait for the sermon to gorge on Pirate Booty and Angry Birds.  But I’m learning that at this point I should just give him his snack and tablet as soon as we walk in so I can enjoy my time, and  last time he did a great job, so hopefully we can start attending on a more frequent basis again.

Our church is absolutely beautiful.  It was almost overwhelming the first time we visited.  The sanctuary is a beautifully made of wood with a vaulted ceilings and a wall of windows.  It’s routinely filled with 350-400 people comfortably and everyone is welcoming and kind.  In the center of the sanctuary’s ceiling the vault opens into a recessed skylight that fills the whole room with sunlight.  If you click the link you’ll see it on the outside picture, and the website header is the view looking up at it from an angle.  Sitting under it is amazing, and our usual seats pre-B3 are almost directly underneath.  On the Sunday in February we were running late (as usual) so we missed out on the coveted spots on the back rows for people with children and instead sat in our customary spot.  B3 flopped into his seat and looked up.  His brow wrinkled up and he pointed to the skylight.  Not-too-quietly-in-the-middle-of-singing he asked “What’s that?”

Now, we didn’t attend Lindale when it was first built so we don’t know how this came about but the whole church refers to the skylight as “where the Holy Spirit comes in”.  I was so excited to lean over and whisper in his ear for the first of many times “It’s where God comes in, looks at us, and see us worshiping Him!” His eyes lit up and his mouth dropped open as he craned his neck completely back, taking in the sun and the view.

“I don’t see Him!” he whispered back.

“See the sunlight?  That’s Him!  Remember how God is always watching? He is now, too,” I replied.

Throughout the rest of the service he would pause, look up, and look for God.  And over the next week he mentioned “the window where God comes in” several times.  I so look forward to raising him in a place and in a manner where he’s always watching for the Lord.  He’s starting to ask questions about Heaven that I hope I can and have answered in a way that leads him ever closer to Christ.  His little soul is a huge responsibility, but an absolute treasure to get to guide.


Time Flies… May 28, 2013

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I am continually amazed at how time is flying and how much B3 has changed.  I’m trying to find time to post more, now that it feels like life isn’t completely insane.  For now, I give you this….


Same park, same boy….but oh, so different.  Love to you all.


9 Crazy Months February 4, 2013

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I cannot believe 1. That we’ve had our son for almost 9 months and 2. That I haven’t updated this blog in ages.  I promise to do better, especially once I can post pictures.  Which shouldn’t be that long since we signed our official adoption paperwork in November.  We’re about a month to six weeks from finalized, depending on how quickly it all moves. 

Things are going well.  We had a pretty major setback in the fall when we inadvertently sent B3 to the same therapist he had seen with his biological parents and his foster parents, as well as the place where he had his visits with his bio parents.  Oops!  It only took one visit to completely derail him and the following two almost completely severed his attachment to us completely.  We’ve had some seriously rough times from October until about Christmas, and intermittently even still.  But we regrouped and we’re patching things up and every day is a new one.  

Halloween and Thanksgiving were major triggers for B3, but seemed to go well once he realized we’d all be together.  Christmas was suitably overwhelming, and he was so excited to celebrate for about a week straight.  He enjoyed giving gifts and hanging out with family as well as receiving, so luckily he wasn’t that kid who seems greedy on Christmas.  In mid-January Brian’s family visited, excluding Nurse Baileys and Cop Guy (now to be known as Investigator Man, I think).  We managed to surprise both B3 and my mother in law with a visit from Brian’s sister who lives too far away to visit often.  Christmas Part 3 coupled with a huge family trip to the children’s museum that included both sets of grandparents, one uncle, one aunt, and Cousin Girly Monkey, and B3 was in heaven.

Basically the past few months have just been crazy, crazy, crazy.  My little guy is growing like a weed, and is learning so much it’s amazing.  Somehow all the size 3s he came with are too short and tight, and his “he’ll grow into them” 4Ts fit perfectly.  He can do so much more independently now, and the amazing questions never stop.  He understands so much and is amazingly thoughtful when he wants to be.  He’s 3-starring levels in Angry Birds Space,  learning to write letters, and asking questions about time. He’s pushing hard for a baby sister, and has stopped napping except in the car. Every day he challenges me, frustrates me, inspires me, and melts my heart.  


Thank God…It’s Friday! May 25, 2012

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Today is an important day for our family. Please pray as led.  We know God’s will will be done, and that it will be for the best.

Enjoy your three day weekend if you get it!


Thursday morning blip December 1, 2011

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If you would be so kind, please pray for my friend Arinne today as she’s in labor with her son.  As well, my friend April is waiting for her little guy to make his appearance.  Thanks!


Thank God….It’s Friday! October 21, 2011

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**UPDATE:  Please see the “Requests” section of this post for an urgent prayer request**

Oh, look!  It’s a blog!  That’s I’ve been sorely neglecting! I promise there are really good reasons.

You see, I’m working on a ton of projects right now.  And I can’t post about any of them because they’re for other people.  People who read my blog.  So everything I’m doing is literally conversationally off-limits until it’s all done, which limits what I have for post fodder.  And I haven’t been doing anything cool enough to post about because, you guessed it…I’m crafting my fingers off.  So bear with me, I promise I’ll be back.

Meanwhile, we could use some prayer and I’m sure you could, too! Without further adieu (or rhymes) (I hope)….

Thank God….It’s Friday!


We may have an answer to some of the medical stuff that’s been plaguing Brian for about four years.  It’s not mine to talk about so I won’t post his business here, but it’s no big deal and surprisingly easily remedied.  More importantly, it may be an answer to a collection of symptoms that have made daily life very, very hard for him to cope with. Prayers for concrete improvement are greatly appreciated!

A friend had her twins yesterday.  Yay for babies! And amazing kudos to her for keeping two babies in there for 37 weeks, despite a bunch of trips to the hospital and bed rest and whatnot.  (And if you’re reading this, why aren’t you napping, you mother of new twins?!  Get to bed!)

I may have filled my three open daycare spots.  Paying the mortgage is fun, ya’ll, and we’re trusting God to provide these days.  I need this to work out, so we’re praying hard.


***My mother’s cousin is in the hospital following a triple bypass surgery this past weekend.  One of the blockages she had bypassed was a 90% blockage of her aorta.  She was intubated for several days following her surgery, and has not recovered well.  She is currently extubated (as far as I know at this point) but is suffering from some kidney issues.  Her kidneys are not functioning well enough and she was taken to dialysis today.  A CT scan also revealed a blockage in her intestines but the doctors say she is too weak for surgery to remove it, as her blood pressure is very low.  Please keep her in your prayers, as well as her daughter, husband, grandchildren and extended family.  ***

The YaYa Princess, Em, and The Boy are travelling this weekend.  Travel mercies, please.

We’re headed to see Brian’s parents, sisters, and our friends next weekend.  It’s baby shower time!  Did I mention I’m getting a niece?!  Keep her and her mama and daddy in your prayers, too, please.

Several of my friends (who read this blog, coincidentally) are pregnant and nearing their due dates.

Several friends and family members have family members with cancer.

Two friends need jobs.  Like yesterday.

Everybody seems to have the creeping crud.  Everyone needs to get well, especially if they insist on sharing their crud with me.

Now…I’m off to sew.  Happy weekend!