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Monday Bits and Pieces March 5, 2012

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There’s not a lot going on in Baileysland this week.  The weekenda was spent preparing for Brian to change jobs and leave for training. It was bittersweet since he loved his store, but the new store is just too good to pass up.  He worked his last days and then left for training.  We’re getting quite good at this being aprt stuff, unfortunately. Practice makes….well, something.

Saturday Mama and I went to the Overwhelming Store For Babies and picked out a stroller.  Since any child coming into our house is going to be living with people with a serious go-bug, they need some wheels! I’m not sure how it took me 4 hours to make up my mind, but it did. We laughed way too much and enjoyed lunch and shopping before heading back home.

This week will be low key around here, at least as far as I’m concerned. I have a feeling it won’t be that way for much longer, so I’m going to enjoy it!

I would ask you to pray, if you would. Some people near and dear to my heart are walking through the toughest time right now.  It’s not my story to tell, but I know they would appreciate you praying as led.  As my YaYaPrincess tells me: the Big Guy knows.  Please lift them up.

Enjoy your Monday!


Thursday via My Thumbs! February 23, 2012

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If you would, please keep my cousin Vickie in your prayers today. She’s undergoing surgery and would appreciate your good thoughts!

Check it out – blogging on my phone! Granted this was in between wiping noses, changing diapers, and spooning oatmeal, but I’m still amused!

Happy Thursday!


I’m Almost An Aunt January 9, 2012

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My sister-in-law is currently in labor with my first niece, ESF.  Please keep my favorite superhero, Anchor Girl and her husband, Cop Guy in your prayers.  And definitely be in prayer for my niece, ESF!  Thanks!


Thank God…It’s Friday December 2, 2011

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Thank God…It’s Friday, indeed.  It’s been a good week, but a busy one, and I’m ready for a weekend.  Today’s post is brought to you by the letters B, A, and Y and the numbers 12 and 25.  Points if you can figure that out.

Pray along with me on the home edition….


My friend, Arinne, welcomed her new son yesterday following what sounds like a marathon labor.  The little cutie is their second son, and looks to be just as adorable as his brother!  Mazel tov, Bravermans!

Not to be outdone, my friend April added an adorable boy to her houseful of girls yesterday as well.  He’s absolutely precious, and I can’t wait to see more pictures!  Yay for babies all around!

A friend had a good court date relating to her foster daughter this week.  Please pray that this continues to go according to God’s plan, the parents’ wishes, and what’s best for the baby.

I found an amazing deal last week.  A friend was selling a whole set of the cloth diapers we’re planning to use, super cheaply.  She had 33 diapers and 10 inserts of bamboo, which is a much better fabric than I was planning on (I was planning on plain old cotton).  This is about 10 more diapers than I thought we could afford, and they’re pristine. This is $507 worth of diapers, y’all.  She sold them for $200!  This means that we can diaper all of our future foster children or permanent children for less than half of what we had planned!  This is an amazing blessing to us and will make things so much easier financially as we prepare for children.  We’ll need to buy covers and we’ll still use the occasional disposable, of course, but this is the bulk of diapering paid for.  Yay!


Keep MadHat in your prayers.  Her grandpa passed last week, and I know this is especially hard at the holidays.  He was a sweet man and an excellent grandfather.

My Mama is sick.  She has the nasty hacking crud and pinkeye.  Also pray she doesn’t share.

I need each day to increase by about 5 hours and each week to increase by about 2 days in order to get ready for Christmas.  Prayers for organization and motivation are definitely needed.


Leaving a Hole October 3, 2011

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This weekend I was reminded of the hard part of coming from a large family. While it’s usually awesome to have 89 people on the Hill side and (soon to be) 18 on the Dickenson side, it can lead to a lot of heartache when someone passes on. Statistically speaking, we face death more often than others.

This morning, I got a text from Mama letting us know that Aunt Margie had passed away.  We’ve known this was coming, as she had suffered from respiratory and pulmonary issues for years.  Several times we’ve been told she was at death’s door and she pulled through.  A few weeks ago, we were told she might not make it through the week.  Brian and I went to visit her and found her up, active, and talkative.  She left the hospital on borrowed time, and everyone knew that time was short.  This morning it ran out.

While I can appreciate the fact that Aunt Margie is out of pain and finally at rest, the hole she leaves here is gaping.  She personified everything “Hill” to me:  she was an amazing cook who could feed a family (or several) with no money and few resources, she sewed and crocheted as easy as breathing.  She spoke her mind but fiercely protected her own from any one else’s judgement.   She endured loss and illness while keeping her sense of humor.

There are no words to explain how much we’ll all miss Aunt Margie.  When I was trying to think of how to quantify this loss this morning, so much came to mind…..

Anytime I’ve ever taken food to a family gathering, I’ve hoped (not so secretly) for approval from Aunt Margie.  A head bob over my cake once left me happy for a week.

I sat down with Aunt Margie one Thanksgiving and asked her how to make her famous ham pot pie.  It’s….oh, my goodness…..look up ‘comfort food’ and just look at that picture.  We sat for 15 minutes while she explained how to make pot pie….and I still have no idea.  It was amazing just to hear.  She walked me through the entire process, and it should have made perfect sense. One step was “make dough”.  I know how to make five different types of dough from memory alone, and not one of them leads to pot pie.  Needless to say, I still have no idea how to make pot pie.

After she referred to her fancy, flower-covered cane as a Ho Stick, I’ve used the term as often as possible.

Just two weeks ago, I said I needed to talk to her about knotting a comforter.  I never got the chance.

I’ll never forget listening to her and Brian talk about the Cowboys and give the Redskin-loving nurse a hard time when we visited her in UVA.  On the way home Brian and I decided to invite her to either our house  or Mama’s to watch a wrestling pay per view because she would have loved it.  We never got to do it, but I wish we had.

When we had to leave to get home to give the cat her insulin, Aunt Margie asked how much insulin for a cat cost.  Hearing it was only about $40 every few months, she said she needed to tell Uncle Roy to be a cat.

Aunt Margie said one of the most profound things ever:  “There’s no use being mad about something that’s already happened.” I’m trying to remind myself of this daily.

Over Christmas 2009 Aunt Margie was near death.  She recovered, and we went to visit her.  She said “I woke up and everyone was standing around my bed and crying.  I said ‘Sh!t, I must be in rough shape!'”  She decided to get better instead.

Every visit to Aunt Margie led to laughter, and she could talk to a post.  Two weeks ago she got to meet her fifth great-grandchild, and I’m so glad she did. This week we’ll gather to  say goodbye to Aunt Margie, and the entire family could use your prayers.  She leaves behind one husband who loved her dearly, one daughter, one son, their spouses, four grandchildren and their spouses, five great grandchildren, two sisters, three brothers, their spouses, and on the Hill side alone approximately 17 nieces and nephews, 21 great nieces or nephews, and something like 6 great-great-nieces or nephews. It all adds up to 89 people, when you do the math.  Every single one of us will remember her forever.


July 18, 2011

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The past seven days have been a blur!  We agreed to help a friend with her garden while she was on vacation, and it turned into a nightly job.  We picked over 100 cucumbers, about 10 peppers, and a mess of beans.  We played with the goat, loved on kittens, and encountered weeds I couldn’t identify as friend or foe.  Over 100 cucumbers, people!  Did I mention I don’t like cucumbers?! So, I’m trying to learn to eat them (not easy), pawning them off on family and friends (and a Munchkin who loves them with a passion), making cucumber spread and tzatziki sauce that I’m going to attempt to freeze, and making pickles.  Tons and tons of pickles.  At the time of this writing there are 8 quarts and 2 half-pints in my fridge (and two more quarts at Mama’s house for her and Little Br0), enough spears to fill about 12 pints and enough slices to fill about 6 more quarts.  Plus I sent about 10 pounds home with Mama for her to make her 7-day pickles.  AND I’ve put a big box by the backdoor for everyone to help themselves.  I’m going to attempt to dry some, too, as chips.

The pickle recipe I’m using seems very flexible.  The first time I did it as written, and it’s a little sweet for my taste.  The second batch I reduced the sugar considerably( by more than half) and they kick you in the face.  So I’m probably going to add a smidge more sugar than that (like half the original amount) and add more dill than I did before because I was running out.  I highly recommend this site for more than pickles, too.  I’ve used several of her recipes and she’s never steered me wrong.

In addition to garden-tending last week, a friend gave me an awesome opportunity to care for her brand-new foster daughter for the week.  I usually get kids around 12 weeks of age when their mamas go back to work, or considerably older if they transfer in from someplace else.  But this little sweetie was only 5 weeks old, so she fed my need for newborn loving pretty nicely.  She was a joy and really reaffirmed my growing desire to start foster care.  It was so great to be included in this phase of their lives as they care for her and adjust to the possibility of her being their new daughter.   I know they’d appreciate your prayers, as well.

While you’re praying, keep Madhat’s grandma in your prayers. She’s having some blood pressure issues, and needs some answers.  Likewise, Little Bro and Sweet Lizzy are in Cambodia living it up visiting family, so please remember them as well.  Please pray for our family on the one year anniversary of the death of Brian’s cousin and her daughters.  Brian’s aunt Betty will need God even nearer this week.

I’m off to make some vegetable soup for dinner (and the freezer!), and to…make pickles.  Imagine that.


Thank God…It’s Friday May 27, 2011

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Cancer has been heavy on my mind lately.  So today, please pray with us….

For people facing biopsies or awaiting results.

For our friends’ family and our family’s family starting chemo and radiation this month.

For a woman diagnosed with breast cancer who hopes that’s as bad as it gets, because the biopsy could show even worse.

For several family members and friends receiving treatment for brain cancer.

For a friend’s elderly mother battling pancreatic cancer.

For a complete stranger with lymphoma.  Mama and I met her mother, and the lady with cancer has no insurance.

For a friend whose parent is making end of life decisions, but still praying for a miracle.

For two people I know of who have just beaten cancer, and are succumbing to something else entirely.

For friends and family members who have beaten cancer and are now picking up the pieces and learning how to be survivors.

Brian and I have heard so many cancer stories lately that it’s overwhelming. There is no common demographic here, no common age, no common circumstance.  From people in the prime of their lives to people who have lived through eight decades only to be taken down by this horrible disease.  From parents of little children to the grandparents of our friends, from people we know and hold dear to people we only hear stories of.  Little children, elderly people, healthy people, people for whom cancer is the latest in a long line of health problems.  Pray for them all, please, today and in the future.